Skating Lessons

The best place for you to take inline skating lessons and buy skating products!

A Place where you can learn Inline Skating Lessons and buy top brand inline skating equipment at the most competitive price.


Free 1 Hour Trial Skating Lessons at various locations! Gears and Skates provided! Call now to book!


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  • Sign up for our group of 4 package today! Learn to inline skate at your location and timing for only $400.00 (admits up to 4 pax). Contact us now to learn inline skating today!



  • Visit our skate shop to buy anything and everything related to skating! Our friendly staff will serve you with his/her expertise while you shop with us! Start shopping with us now!


  • Learn to skate in One lesson! Results are guaranteed! During the 75 minutes lesson, you will be taught one to one by our internationally certified instructors on the safety aspect and the correct balance posture. You will also learn how to practice on your own to improve on your skating techniques. First timers are welcome to join! Sign up today!